"Tirana is going through a renaissance of sorts. Murals and colorful buildings have replaced what was probably a gray ugly city at some point."

One of my more unusual tourstops. Tirana is not too easy to get to, not too easy to get around, and not yet a postcard destination by any means. That said, it was really friendly, colorful, and super cheap. I could presume that Tirana used to be kind of rough in years past, but there was an air of youth and creativity all around which made the city feel fresh and lively.

Tirana loves art, there are lots of murals and art installations all over the city.

Colorful buildings abound. Even the street light poles were LED.

An apartment complex with walls painted to look like clothes are hanging from windows.

Most people in Albania do understand English and can speak enough to get you information you need. I did find the bar scene a bit less friendly than other parts of the world I've been in. I found people to be on the reserved side and not really the types that will sit at a bar and be an open line to small talk. That said, once I did chip away, people were very warm and curious about America.

Traffic can get you an ulcer in Albania, bikes tend to be a safer and easier way to travel.

Open market with super colorful walls.

Whimsical spilled toothpaste art installation.

Another pretty mural near my apartment in Tirana.

Final Thoughts

Tirana is up and coming I'd have to say. The streets are clean, the art installations and murals everywhere make it feel like a city with alot of creativity to share. I'd be interested in stopping by in a few years and see how much things have changed. One of the cheaper places to get beer so far.

Albania and its imposing Atlas mountains.

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