"I'll be very blunt, Brussels was one of my least favorite destinations in Europe. I think once you get past the Belgian beer, it feels like a stuffy and old city more catered to grandma and her fanny pack. Venturing out beyond Brussels was a delight."

If you were an alien from outer space and you only had a few days to get a very broad idea of Europe, you can't go wrong with Brussels. The buildings are old, the architecture very much European and that's pretty much it. I think when in this area, you can do yourself a great favor in venturing out. The city has great connections to a wide net of Belgium. During my time there I went to meet a friend in Antwerp and had an absolute blast. I feel that this is probably the case in Amsterdam. Once you get over the red-light district and weed stuff there isn't much else, but venturing out to its lesser known towns it feels refreshing.

When in Brussels, or in Belgium for that matter, have to get some Belgian beer.

The Grote Markt or Grand Place in the city center is even prettier at night.

The Manneken Pis is a very famous fountain of a bronze statue of a boy peeing. For the right price, you can have him pee back home.

It was pride week when I visited so the Manneken Pis was dressed accordingly.

The Atomium

It's a bit out of the way to get to, but the Atomium is a worth-visit I think. It was built for the 1958 World's Fair. On a sunny day its super shiny and impressive. Inside, there are traveling exhibitions.

Inside the Atomium, one of the orbs is filled with orb-shaped beds. I assume for a price you can shack up in your own orb bed.

Keeping with the orb theme, here's an orb of shotgun shells. Yeah, I don't remember the context, sorry.

This ISN'T in the Atomium, and I won't elaborate since this is about Brussels, but if you have the time, go to Antwerp, if anything for its beautiful train station!

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