"Sofia is a small enough city for a long 3-day weekend. With its rowdy pedestrian shopping boulevard running through the heart of the city, it's a great bargain."

Stopped in to Sofia for a short stay, mainly to visit and old friend, but also to see what Bulgaria was all about. Sofia is a bit expensive to get to for some reason, once you get over the pricetag however, the city is an absolute bargain. Beers running at about $1.50 and even dining out being on the inexpensive side against the US dollar, I easily spent the least I ever have than in other countries I visited.

As cheesy as it sounds this brought a smile to my face when I arrived.

The rather ugly looking NDK. National Palace of Culture in central Sofia.

Vitosha boulevard is the main shopping strip in Sofia.

Sofia is dotted with imposing lion statues. I've seen similar ones in Slovenia.

Bulgarians are pretty friendly, they will share their booze or their company with you without much effort. Everyone spoke English just fine and the city is a hub for its major university so I'd say the vibe tends to steer towards the younger 20-something side of the population. The drawback of this was not being able to find a gritty, old head, locals bar to talk to people about their city. It was mostly hipstery bars and cocktail pop-ups.

There was a music festival of sorts the weekend I was there which was a pleasant way to soak in modern local music.

Final Thoughts

I'll be honest, there isn't a TON of things to do in Sofia. It's got a relatively lively night scene but once you've done that there isn't much else to do without a good deal of effort to get out of the city. That said, I would be interested in visiting the coastal parts of Bulgaria at some point.

I didn't get to go into the Alexander Nevski cathedral but it was pretty cool to walk around it.

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