"Outer-worldly, exotic, and only a 5-hour flight from New York! Iceland and its ever-changing weather is full of surprises."

I've been to Iceland a handful of times over the years. Every trip has had all sorts of different weather to contend with. Hurricane winds, hail, rain, snow, have all made appearances during my stay in Iceland. I've still yet to drive the ring road and experience outside of Reykjavik which gives me all the more reason to go back. It has been getting increasingly more expensive over the years which is a bit of a bummer. So visit now while it's still (relatively) affordable.

A semi-frozen Tjörnin lake with swans and ducks accustomed to the cold water temperatures.

Hallgrimskirkja sits on a hill above the city. There is an impressive organ inside, as well as a great view over the city from it's bell tower.(For a fee)

The view from the bell tower of the church.

The Blue Lagoon

It's become increasingly more expensive and a bit of a tourist trap, but the Blue Lagoon is still a worthwhile day trip as a means to unwind in my opinion. It lies halfway between the airport and Reykjavik so it's a good place to stop at on your way out of the country. I've been there a few times and when the weather is nice its great, when its hailing, not so great.

The Blue Lagoon during not so good weather.

The Lagoon during good weather!

Street Art

Reykjavik has an abundant street art scene if you wander enough.

Travel Journals

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