"It rains in the bay of Kotor, ALOT. But when the clouds clear, it is a gorgeous landscape with pretty awesome views."

I don't usually do a whole lot of research on the places I visit but this time was different because of the logistics of getting to Kotor. I took a 6-hour bus from Albania. I had read some horror stories of the border control coming in from Croatia taking 3-4 hours and I only had 2 days in Montenegro so I decided that coming in from the East was easier. It was. We briefly hit heavy traffic just before Kotor but I guess it's such a tourist destination that it's expected. It was a sunny Friday when I arrived and as tired as I was I had to take advantage of it so I explored, rain was in the forecast for Saturday.

Arriving to Kotor. Very popular with cruise ships stopping in for the day.

Kotor is actually a walled old city. There are two entrances and hidden side entrance.

Map of Kotor. Small and easy to get around by foot.

Castle Of San Giovanni

The crown jewel of Kotor is without a doubt the Castle of San Giovanni which sits at the top of a steep hill overlooking the bay. Inaccessible during bad weather due to slippery conditions and little railing it is worthwhile to stay in Kotor a few days and go up there on the day the clouds aren't in the way. I'm not in the greatest of shape so it was a kind of hard hike up there. However even though the hike is steep, the views just get better and better as you go up so that was pretty motivating. It wasn't terribly crowded when I went but then again it wasn't high season. It must suck to get photos with a ton of people up there.

Lots of cats in Kotor, they are treated like royalty.

Steep climb up to the castle. There is also a church about halfway up.

Another view during the climb to the top of the castle.

Final Thoughts

Kotor is super pretty! It is on the small side, so maybe staying more than 3-4 days one might get bored, especially if the weather isn't good. But if the weather IS good, man it's gorgeous. The cruise ships that come in are kind of annoying as some areas end up being overrun with people with selfie sticks. Once the ships have moved out and darkness comes in it's peaceful, just you, the locals and the cats. Totally recommend giving Kotor a shot if you are in Montenegro or neighboring countries.

Kotor's tight alleys and walkways make it worthwhile to wander and get lost in.

After hours in Kotor. It becomes a sleepy little town

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