"Norway lives up to the hype. It's a pricey destination! While not as expensive as Oslo, Trondheim lies a bit farther north in a more laid back and compact side of Norway."

The air is super fresh up here! Trondheim was colorful(even in winter) and English is common enough to get by with! I think the only bummer was having a long layover in Oslo. After a long transatlantic flight, having to sit in an airport another 5 hours is kind of brutal. On the plus side, Trondheim is one of those cities that you picture in your head when someone mentions Norway.

Quiet early morning in Trondheim. I guess people are late risers, it was 8am and I felt like I was the only one walking around.

Statue of Olav Tryggvason, founder of Trondheim apparently. The statue also serves as a sun dial.

Bakklandet is an older part of the city, it is separated from the more modern side of Trondheim by an old pedestrian bridge.

Nidaros Cathedral

A short walk back from Bakklandet is Nidaros Cathedral in central Trondheim. Built in 1070 and one of the most important gothic monuments in Norway the details are mesmerizing. I lucked out with great lighting that day, so I particularly love these photos.

The cathedral was closed, but the outside was super impressive.

The lawn of Nidaros doubles as a graveyard of some super religious folks I'm sure. Again, great lighting that day!

Lykkens portal(Gate of Happiness) connects central Trondheim with the old town Bakklandet.

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