san marino
san marino

"A microstate in the middle of Italy, San Marino is only about 23 miles in area and the fifth smallest country on Earth."

One of a handful of microstates in Europe, this one is a short bus ride from Rimini, Italy. The city is high on a winding road on a mountain with a castle overlooking the Italian coast. At only 23 miles in length, it is a popular day trip. Don't forget to get your passport stamped at the info centre. San Marino has one of the oldest republics in the world.

One of the first sights entering San Marino is the police officer directing traffic into Guaita, the city's old fortress.

This friendly dog probably has no idea he lives in one of the oldest republics.

Castle in the clouds

We were blessed with crystal clear skies when we visited, the views were amazing and you can truly appreciate just how high this castle sits. I think if I ever return I'd love to shoot some photos as the sun sets. The last bus back is around 5:30 so no way to see the sunset unless you stay overnight.

The legendary passport stamp from the underrated San Marino. Kind of expensive at 5 euro, but it has a cool hologram!

If you can get there early, you can wander the small alleys all on your own. There are shops lined along the alleys and they are tourist traps (perfumes). Avoid.

The telescopes were free! These puppies cost $3 at the Empire State Building.

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