"The circumstances I ended up in Slovenia were kind of unusual, but it was a good deal of fun. Slovenia has dramatic lakes, friendly people, and an easy-to-get-around city. I feel it's on the cusp of becoming the next Dubrovnik."

The flight into Ljubljana was by far the roughest I've experienced. A 3-hour flight from London ended up being more like 4-5 to the point the air plane ran out of fuel and had to land in Croatia at 1am. The rough winds battered the plane up in the air and people were getting sick and the sky was pitch black, meanwhile the plane flew round and round trying to find a break in the clouds to make a clean landing. Eventually it did, and when I woke up the next day I was pleasantly surprised by one of the cleaner cities in Europe that I have been to. After the windy and rainy arrival, the weather was quite pleasant as well. Not in my original itinerary, I flew to Slovenia to run away from rioting going on in London. I wasn't in any danger, but I figured it would not be fun to be holed up in a hotel room as a means of vacation.

Off to a rough start stuck in Zagreb at 1am because we ran out of fuel.

Ljubljana is a city nestled amongst tall hills. As a result, the climbs to the peaks are pleasant hikes with nice views.

One of the hills has a castle overlooking the city. Not heavily populated with tourists and worthwhile when it's clear.

Ljubljana castle has sat above the city for some 900 years.

Lake Bled

If you manage to make it out of the city(and you should). Lake Bled is a short 1.5 hours away but feels like a world away. There is a peaceful blue lake with a dramatic castle overlooking it high above. There is also a church on an islet in the middle of the lake. We didn't get around to boating up to it. But the views are awesome. Few places I've been to felt postcard perfect. Bled is one of them.

Central train station is easy to get to and while the station itself serves the rail system, you can catch the charter bus to Bled here as well.

Pretty landscape as you get out of the city capital.

Would have been cool to board one of the boats out to the church. Next time.

Lake Bled is a good day trip, but there are hotels and a casino if that's your thing.

As well as the pretty views, this was some awesome calamari. Never seen pink ketchup before.

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