"Barcelona is busy, crowded, and intense. A weird mish-mash of Gaudi's distinctive architecture and a metropolitan modern city with a thriving food scene."

The work of Antonio Gaudi pops up throughout the city which in itself makes for a pleasant and unexpected series of surprises as you walk around and absorb Barcelona. Aside from the architecture, the real star of the show was the food. La Boqueria, an outdoor food market had a wide array of locally caught food.

The intricate work of Gaudi is sprinkled throughout the city.

La boqueria features some of the freshest seafood, like oysters and sea urchin.

When in Spain, one must have tapas.

Parque Guell

High above the city is probably one of the most distinctive of Gaudi's pieces (aside from la sagrada familia), Park Guell. The climb is hilly and tough, but quite worthwhile once you make it up there! The vantage point is great and the air is crisp. We were lucky to have a clear day and view over of the city.

The hills are brutal like San Francisco but slicker side walks!

Park Guell was large enough to where it didn't feel like a tourist trap like I had expected. Most of it was free also.

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