"During off-season, Stockholm is a breath of fresh air to visit. Intimate cafe's and lively live music in Gamla Stan make for a great short getaway."

I arrived to Stockholm in early February. It was pretty chilly as expected but the weather was pleasant for the most part. I managed to stay just outside Gamla Stan which is the touristy old part of the city. Sweden is on the expensive side of the scandanavian countries but I found it less expensive than Norway. The old town is a pretty cool area to get lost in. The coffee in most coffee shops was great and even sitting outside wrapped in a blanket and watching the world go by was fun.

Rise and shine Stockholm.

Fresh bread from a tiny coffee / pastry shop. I can still smell this photo.

Wandering the old town with a local was a rare treat as you gain so much more insight to buildings and history.

This hotel reminded me of a boat getaway scene in a Bond movie or something.

On the roof deck of the EA offices, man they are spoiled with the views up there.

This is the Ericsson globe. It's the world's largest spherical building apparently.

This was a weird looking phone booth. Kind of a neat design, it had saloon doors to enter/exit.

Speaking of weird, look at this wild looking public restroom.

Final Thoughts

Quite enjoyed my time in Stockholm. Everyone was friendly, English is well represented in most anywhere and there was a pleasant pace to the city. My friend advised me to come back and venture beyond Stockholm to truly appreciate how wonderful Sweden is. I might have to take him up on it sometime.

This bar was called Stampen and it had some rockabilly live music. Fun crowd too.

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