A Flash game featuring randomly generated levels

Labyrinth: SoS

The Story

A collaborative freelance project with fellow programmer Nick Pasto. The small commissioned game featured a unique ability to generate levels randomly. Each time, increasing in difficulty and featuring a boss battles, and unknown suprises.

The art direction is 8-bit gaming inspired as is the music and platforming concept. The game took roughly a month to produce.

My Role

Concept, Animation, Design

Play it here


The flagship feature of the game is the ability for the AI to generate levels on the fly based on a variety of tile sets, all the while adjusting enemy AI and overall difficulty according to how far the player has advanced.

The game also generates bosses randomly from a pool of boss patterns and behaviors.

In addition, the inclusion of a high-score table and in-game achievements help the player feel rewarded for his/her efforts.


Boss Battle


The game has enjoyed a positive reception, in its two-week exclusive release, the game currently has 240,000 plays at Armor Games and a Daily Feature award on Newgrounds.

I had a great deal of fun making this game, and having worked with Nick in the past definately allowed us to work at a much higher pace than can usually be expected for a game of this calibre

The original soundtrack for the game also played an important role in establishing the tone and paying homage to the retro look. Working with Genclops, the composer, was a breeze and the game recieved much kudos for its level of polish on all fronts.