Duder Dilemma

A quick Flash game for charity

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The Story

Early in my Newgrounds career, I was heavy into Flash game development. For this particular project, I teamed up with programmer Nick Pasto to create a small game for charity.

The small game pays homage to retro platformers and featured a light upgrade system and simple boss fight. Though simple in its presentation, building and animating for it is usually a different matter.

My Role

Animation, Design

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One of the biggest considerations of designing Duder Dilemma was keeping it manageable. It's quite easy to let game/animation projects escalate out of control and become huge time investments. With a very tight deadline, we had to conceptualize something simple, fun and with replay factor.

We ultimately settled on a simple retro platforming engine to drive the game and I followed suit creatively by providing art that paid homage to chunky pixel retro game art. It was my first foray into pixel art and it inspired a great deal of work in pixel later in my career.

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Duder Dilemma was one of those 'feel good' projects. Not only did the game's revenue go towards a good cause, the whole project came together quite quickly, efficiently, and with professional polish.

Aside from the success the game recieved, it sparked a long collaborative working relationship with my programmer Nick Pasto and inspired a collection of future games. Things like that make it all worthwhile.

The reception by the general public was also quite positive, with plays nearing 100,000.