City of Philadelphia

The focus of my work for the Office of Innovation Technology is serving the Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual disAbility Services.

Our goal is to provide services that enriches the lives and health of all Philadelphians. I work with divisions within the department to make our websites the best they can be.

As a resident of Philadelphia, there is a sense of pride and responsibility in applying my experience to serving the city I reside in.

The most involved project to date has been replatforming the website.  The site lay dormant since 2016 and it showed when I arrived.  I set out to quickly understand the goals and needs of the DBHIDS site and then take a massive inventory of how deep the website went.  It turned out to be pretty deep from my wireframes.

One of my main goals in the redesign was to align visual elements and typography with the design guidelines the City of Philadelphia has established. I felt that in order to truly acquire the trust of our community, it was important to use design systems they are accostumed to.  After various months of feedback and adjustments, I was able to complete the project and set up our Wordpress powered site in a position to be easy to edit and futureproof. 




The website from 2016 was unstable, difficult to edit and used wordpress plug-ins that were deprecated.  It wasn't my original vision to totally redo everything, but I found I was spending more time fixing things that would break when I tried to modernize its features.  After accounting for every page and asset on the website, I realized it was going to be a tall order but I believe a necessary one, to move the site into a new theme and editing platform.

DBHIDS 1.0 | 2016