Locust Bar

A city staple since the 1950's, the Locust Bar is one of the oldest bars in the city. Fresh on the heels re-opening, they asked me to create an online presence to generate buzz and allow patrons to browse through the menu to place pick-up orders.  With not much to go from but a paper menu, I was able to take full control of the development cycle. From the photography, to securing the domain and ultimately launching the website, it's rare I am able to work on a full turn-key experience.


One of the biggest goals of the project was getting the food menu up on the website. I enjoy moving information around to make it easier to digest.  The hodge podge menu was difficult to read, had little visual heirachy and would not render well on the web.  I worked with the owner to establish categories and move items around based on their popularity.

The wings are by far the star of the menu, so it was important to highlight it on the website.


The redesigned menu is easy to read and engaging to follow.